Murdock Patchouli Cologne 100ml

Patchouli is British bohemian. Decadent, intense, intriguing. It’s long nights at the Café de Paris in the 1890s. It’s rowdy Fitzrovia in the 1950s. It’s your secret weapon today. Murdock Patchouli is complex, rich and velvety. You, with a little added mystery. Top Notes of Cardamom, Nutmeg, Black Pepper and Petitgrain blend with Middle Notes of Jasmine, Rose, Geranium, Ylang Ylang and Base Notes of Patchouli, Suede and Olibanum.

Murdock Pre Shave Oil 50ml

By using our best men’s Pre Shave Oil, your facial hair will be softened and prepared for a clean, sharp shave.

100% Natural Oils ensure a smooth, less irritating shave even on even the most sensitive skin or thickest hair.

It’s no secret that regular shaving is great for a well put together appearance but can be harsh on the skin, particularly around the sensitive jaw area. To avoid sore skin, irritation and a reddened complexion, simply apply Pre Shave Oil and allow the natural oils to prepare skin and hair for a faultless shave. This Pre Shave Oil is particularly effective for those with a thick and coarse beard as it softens the facial hair before the shave begins, meaning your razor will glide smoothly along your skin.

Murdock Shaving Cream 200ml

Murdock Face Scrub 100ml

Face Scrub will keep your skin looking fresh and help prevent ingrown hairs, leaving you ready to fight another day. Key actives include two types of exfoliating agent: Pumice Sand and Worlee beads jojoba snow white. Pumice is a natural alumino-silicate of volcanic origin recommended as a mild abrasive. Cold-pressed Jojoba oil is filtered, bleached, hydrogenated and particle formed. This is also natural. This helps to exfoliate dead skin and reaches into all the small pores around your nose. Suitable for sensitive skin. Please note that our Face Scrub tins are intentionally oversized to accommodate a lower fill level and avoid any risk of pumice leaking. As a result, your tin may appear to be less than full upon opening, despite being the correct unit of measurement.

Murdock Daily Face Moisturiser 150ml

This innovative, clinically tested formula contains an energising complex of ingredients specially chosen for the active city man. Protects the skin from pollution and oxidative stress, and contains low-molecular Hyaluronic Acid for that extra boost of hydration and prevention of moisture loss. Creatine further increases the skin’s volume collagen production, making your complexion feel smoother and firmer from the very first application.

Murdock Daily Face & Body Wash 250ml

A man’s skin can only take so much before losing its healthy complexion. Our barber’s expert formula cleanses face and body, making it the only wash you will need to feel refreshed and invigorated. The addition of Copper supports skin’s natural renewal, collagen and reduces oiliness [sebum]. Face & Body Wash is sulphate-free and soap-free to perform without tightness or dryness. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Murdock Beard Shampoo 250ml

Facial hair needs special care. Regular hair shampoo can strip a beard of its natural oils and sulphates commonly used in cleansing products can irritate the skin underneath facial hair, often causing beard ‘dandruff’. Our Beard Shampoo is pH balanced and sulphate-free to keep any beard healthy and soft.

Murdock Beard Oil 50ml

Treat your beard with a blend of nutritious oils. Your beard will feel smooth, shiny and healthy and the skin underneath soft and supple.100% natural beard oil penetrates straight to the cuticles of facial hair for the most nutritive treatment that targets hair directly and helps prevent it becoming dry and wispy.

Murdock Beard Moisturiser 150ml

Our all-in-one beard best seller conditions and softens facial hair and the skin underneath. Your beard will look healthier and feel more comfortable for you and anyone who comes near it.
Your ultimate rescue remedy when it comes to growing a thicker, stronger and softer beard without the hassle. Our barbers know that, for some men, growing a beard is no easy feat, so have created a product that looks after all types of facial hair.
As well as improving the condition of your beard hair, Beard Moisturiser also works to perfect the condition of the skin underneath; ensuring the sensitive area is well moisturised, its soothing properties calm any irritation or redness in the process. A luxury product without the fuss to maintain a well-kept beard every day.

Murdock Avalon Cologne 100ml

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