Straight Hair, How to Maintain & Style.

Straight hair is easily identifiable since it lacks any discernible curl. Straight hair is tough and can withstand styling, bad weather, and heat. Natural oils flow effortlessly from your scalp to the tips of the follicles because your hair is straight. Straight hair appears to be naturally shiny as a result of this treatment. However, if not washed frequently, this oil tends to build up quickly, giving the hair a “greasy” appearance. This hairstyle is quite straightforward to manage; if you keep the oil issue under control.

How to Maintain: 

We recommend shampooing practically every day. This hair type doesn’t require much in the way of maintenance, so a shampoo that focuses on a deep clean is ideal. You might also use a volumizing shampoo, which is usually lighter in color. Conditioning your hair a couple of times each week should be plenty to keep it healthy and looking great. Excessive conditioning will just add to the accumulation of oil.

How To Style

Straight-haired men have a lot of options when it comes to styling. Anything goes in this section. We recommend a low-shine product because of its great natural shine. Use a Cream for a low grip, a Clay for medium hold, and a Putty for a stronghold. All of this will make styling any haircut a breeze while preserving your natural radiance.

For any further treatments or hairstyling get a professional barber at Pramie Gents Salon.

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